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"Archer Hay" is the pen name of brother and sister writing team, Jim Archuletta and Kelly Hay. Together they were born and raised in Ogallala, Nebraska and are now based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They own up to a background that includes being, among other things, an actor, lawyer, editor, US Marine, police officer, evil poppet* maker, and chanteuse. When the two are not writing, they are deep thinkers who spend hours on group texts tackling such issues as, "do you fold or crumple the toilet paper" and trying to one-up each other with gifs. Archer Hay books are visual, fast-paced, and true-to-life with entertaining and relatable characters you would love to have a beer with. Please visit our contact page to sign up for notifications of forthcoming new releases, giveaways, exclusive content and more! 

* Yes, we meant "poppet," not "puppet." Google it.

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