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Archer Hay Editorial Services


     We offer a unique editorial service: A complete copy/line edit coupled with a complementary content analysis and editorial letter. You always get two editorial services (and two editors!) for the price of one—and both services are of exceptional quality AND speed. Manuscripts of fewer than 70,000 words are edited and returned within two weeks. Manuscripts of more than 70,000 words are returned within four weeks.

Our process:

     Kelly will copy/line edit your manuscript, addressing areas of awkward phrasing, syntax issues (sentence variety and structure), repetition, word choice, verb tense and POV continuity, suitable dialogue, clichés, chapter breaks, timeline consistency, and minor fact checking. She will also edit proper sentence mechanics and basic errors in spelling, grammar, capitalization, and punctuation. Jim will prepare a complementary 2-4 page single-spaced editorial letter that addresses big picture strengths and weaknesses of the manuscript including basic elements of successful storytelling. Note will be taken of successful and questionable issues with characterization, dialogue, conflict/tension, description, inconsistencies, pacing, plot, point of view,  scene development, and overall reader experience. This means you always get at least two careful read-throughs for one low price!


     We charge $0.03 (three cents) per word (rounded to the nearest 100 words as calculated by Microsoft Word’s automated word counter). That’s it. No hidden fees. No upcharges. No surprises.


Our credentials:


     Kelly was a professional legal editor for over twenty years. She served as Editor in Chief of the Marquette Law Review (a quarterly academic legal publication). As Editor in Chief, she managed a staff of over forty content and copy editors and proofreaders. She also established the publication’s production schedule and was the liaison between the authors and the editorial staff. She was responsible for all aspects of the publication from the acceptance of submissions, to negotiating author contracts, to copy editing, and marketing to subscribers.

     Kelly also served for fifteen years on the editorial board of the Wisconsin Journal of Family Law—acting as both a staff editor and as interim Editor in Chief. As an editor, she was responsible for soliciting and originating articles, working with authors to ensure their submissions conformed to the publication’s content and style guide, and copy editing submissions.

     In addition to her work as a legal editor, Kelly has written many legal articles and Continuing Legal Education curriculums. Her undergraduate major was in Spanish. She submits there is no better way to become proficient in  English grammar and spelling than to learn a foreign language (or go to law school!). She has taken post-graduate courses in Spanish grammar and literature.

     Finally, she has co-authored, edited, and self-published six fiction mystery novels with Jim, one of which was a #1 Best Seller in its Amazon categories in both Australia and Canada—even out-ranking Stephen King’s Pet Semetary.


     Jim is a prolific writer and editor. He has written and edited several cookbooks and autobiographies. He has also authored and edited poems and poetry books. He has served as the co-author and content editor of six self-published mystery novels and has also acted as the content editor of two non-fiction books.


For more details about our services, prices, and payment terms, please review our contract for services HERE.


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