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Dive Bar Detective No. 3

Candy is dandy, but liquor is . . . sicker?

When bartender Brandy Alexander told her customers at dive bar Olive or Twist to “pick their poison,” she didn’t mean it literally!

When the entire bar is suddenly gripped by a violent and mysterious illness, chaos ensues. The police are convinced it was all an unfortunate accident, but Brandy knows her customers and their shady pasts better than that. They harbor conspiracy theories, long-simmering vendettas, and secret assassination attempts. They all seem to have a motive. But who has the means?

With the yuppie millennial bar owner missing and a couple of gossipy real estate moguls waiting eagerly for the bar's demise, Brandy has to unweave a web that includes an impromptu chicken rescue, a dead man’s foot race, and a kung fu brawl to uncover the answers she seeks. Can she keep the short-staffed and beleaguered bar afloat or will the culprit strike a fatal blow?

Pull up a stool and grab a cold one as Brandy, her canine bar bouncer “Hairy Pawter," and a hilarious cast of dive bar regulars follow a trail of clues that are anything but “straight up.”

This book contains exclusive, original cocktail recipes from a professional mixologist!

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Dive Bar Detective No. 2:  An Olive or Twist Mystery 

Rum and vodka aren't the only spirits in this dive bar!

Bartender, Brandy Alexander, can't catch a break. When an anonymous critic starts a smear campaign against dive bar, Olive or Twist, Brandy tries her best to make sure the customers keep running a tab instead of running away. But when it's discovered the bar might be haunted, it is up to Brandy and the die-hard support of her loyal regulars to defend the bar's honor and uncover who might be trying to shut down the bar--and why.

But when a mysterious urban legend surfaces, it threatens the bar's reputation even more and Brandy has to make some hard decisions. Will it be "last call" for Olive or Twist? Or will they resort to more questionable ways to save the business?

With Brandy's faithful dog and bar bouncer, Hairy Pawter, by her side, they will unearth a mystery that leaves them shaken and stirred. 

This book contains exclusive original cocktail recipes from a professional mixologist!

DBD Book 1 DRAFT.jpg

Dive  Bar Detective No. 1: An Olive or Twist Mystery. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

Whether it’s getting to the bottom of a mystery or merely to the bottom of a liquor glass, this ragtag team of day drinkers will look for “proof” in more ways than one!

Bar glasses and beer bottles aren’t the only things being drained at dive bar, “Olive or Twist.” Soon regulars realize their bank accounts are mysteriously being drained, too, and when bartender, Brandy Alexander, is victimized she decides to take matters into her own hands. Frustrated when local police decry the crime as too “small time” to justify their resources, she cozies up to a handsome cop with hope of gleaning information that will help her launch her own investigation. But is this “good cop” too good to be true?

Between slinging drinks and hiding her canine bar bouncer, “Hairy Pawter,” from the health inspector, Brandy tries to cross suspects off her list.  But Brandy’s ride-or-die bestie, Emily, doesn’t help matters when she goes on a rogue crime spree of her own—all in the name of avenging Brandy.

Can Brandy marshal the loveable lushes at “Olive or Twist” into a team of unlikely heroes? Or will Brandy be left shaken and stirred?

Take one part humor, mix well with one part mystery, add a splash of romance, and garnish with some canine cuteness.

Book contains exclusive original cocktail recipes from a professional Mixologist!

Badge of the Waxing Moon.Ebook.jpg

Book Four: "Badge of the Waxing Moon"

A sexy-hot news anchor and a spicy-hot grudge match aren’t the only things heating up in the fourth “Badge Of” Humorous Crime Mystery!

An arsonist is targeting Milwaukee’s swankiest neighborhoods, so detective and modern witch, Scotty C., races to redeem the police department after a painful (and questionable) loss to the fire department in the annual charity softball game.

But when a charismatic “life coaching organization” tries to recruit the fire victims—and their insurance proceeds; and when Scotty’s best friend, Kevin, resurrects a long-standing feud with another Mexican restaurant manager, Scotty doesn’t know which fire to put out first.

A supernatural boost from the fast-approaching Waxing Moon may be Scotty’s only hope to decipher the case--that is, if she can free herself from the spell of a charming news anchor who is reporting her story with interest.

Will he help her break the case before the hot-shot fire inspector does? Or will Scotty become breaking news herself?

Desert Sage ebook.updated.jpg

Book Three: "Badge of the Desert Sage"


They say "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" . . . unless you're a dirty cop on the run. 

Tasked with the simple extradition of a fellow officer, Detective Scotty C. and her partner, Heintz, travel to Sin City to escort the bad guy home. But when devious lawyers block their path, and their guilty coworker claims he's being framed, it's up to Scotty to hit a jackpot of evidence or go home empty-handed.

With the help of their love-struck and hilariously narcissistic Las Vegas counterparts, can Scotty and Heintz marshal a pious bounty hunter, some swindling informants, and three grandmotherly firebrands into the swift investigative force they need to find a mysterious witness who holds the key to the case?

With time (and the department's travel budget) running out, Scotty may have no choice but to turn to the dark arts and seek the counsel of a wise and reclusive Sage deep in the Mojave desert. Will his guidance lead Scotty to the answers she seeks? Or will they slip through her fingers like desert sand?

Badge of the phoenix Ecover.jpg

Book Two: "Badge of the Phoenix"


Scotty C. is back with brains and humor, and a little witchcraft, to take on another serial crime spree!

Detective (and secret witch-wannabe) Scotty C. is about to nab a gang of serial bank robbers when she has to put her investigation--and witchcraft--on ice to babysit a German police officer on an exchange program. Throw in a scourge of angry teenagers, the Police Chief's cop-hating vigilante neighbor, some ambitious drag queens, and a haunted mirror . . . and Scotty's got her work cut out for her.

Only a dangerous undercover sting can snare the culprits. Trouble is, her undercover operative is almost impossible to conceal . . . until a truck-driving High Priestess from Reno performs a transformative Phoenix Ritual.

But will the ritual bring the crime spree to a swift end or only kick it into high gear? Who is the unlikely hero that will rise from the ashes? And who will be left standing too close to the flames?


Book One: "Badge of the Bone Ritual"


It's just your typical every-day story about a detective who uses bone magic and star-spangled spin-kicks to fight occult psychopaths with her ride-or-die Taco Bell supplier, Kevin.

When Scotty C. is assigned to investigate a violent ram raid at a local pharmacy, she figures it is just another day at the office. But when the clues start finding her instead of vice versa, it becomes clear the robbery is part of something much bigger--and much more sinister. Soon, even Scotty's closest friends and colleagues are not above suspicion, and when she discovers she can communicate with a disembodied voice, she begins to wonder if she can even trust herself.
There is only one thing that can pin down the true criminals: a bone ritual. This expert-level witchery is beyond Scotty's amateur dabbling, but she has friends in low places who know exactly how to bend the dark arts to tip the scales of justice. With the help of a garish multi-level-marketing queen and an eccentric witch mentor, Scotty and Kevin embark on a hilarious rogue quest to catch the criminals and to find the body that belongs to that disembodied voice . . . before it's too late.

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