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Book Three Coming Soon!

Our goal was to release Book Three, "Badge of the Desert Sage" on Valentine's day--because the book features the pagan festival of "Imbolc" (which usually falls on February 1st) and because there *might* be some love in the air in Book Three. But, we're about ten days or so from being ready for our big release. So, we may or may not hit our self-imposed deadline. Either way, check back here for updates and you'll be the first to know when the book is released into the wild!

Meanwhile, it has been slow going. Usually, we crank out an 80,000 word novel every thirty days. This one will take about 40 days. Book Three has a somewhat complicated crime--it doesn't seem to be, at first. But once the story gets going, it becomes more complex, and we have had to do more rewriting than usual (some versus none--ha ha!). We hope you'll like it. Jim has come up with a couple of particularly good characters this time around--inspired by real life!



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