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Pre-Order This Week!

Ok. I moved. So, I have no more excuses. That means Book 3 of the Dive Bar Detective series will be available for pre-order this week!

Jim just sent me a chapter-by-chapter overview of Book 3 and as I read it I mumbled aloud to myself: "This is a really good book." It might be my favorite (so far). Even the summary made me laugh out loud. Jim has come up with some solid gold! The new characters in this book are top notch--and completely unexpected! We will be so excited to hear what you think of them.

Which reminds me--if you have not already reviewed one of our books on Amazon or Goodreads, PLEASE DO. Reader reviews are extremely important to other readers when selecting a new book or deciding whether to take a chance on an unknown author. Your endorsement means the world to us--and to the readers who are listening to what you have to say!

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