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Dive Bar Detective #3

. . . is Coming Soon! For a sneak peek of our cover, check out our home page! Book #3 has been slow-going. As you know, we usually crank out one book per month, but I've been sidelined by trying to move and Jim has been distracted by Halloween (his favorite holiday). He is posting 31 days of Halloween Treats on twitter, so check out his profile to see all his ghoulish recipes (https://twitter.com/AuthorArcherHay). Did you know that in addition to being a mystery author, Jim has also published a cookbook? It's true! Cop by day, cook by night! An author on the streets and an artist with the eats! (Jim's the poet. I'm not.)

So, check back here or subscribe to our newsletter on our "contact" page for updates and to find out exactly when Book #3 will be released. Meanwhile, we have some sales and promotions coming up soon . . . so spread the word.

Cheers and Happy Reading!



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