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Book Two Coming Soon!

Hey Kids! We have been hard at work writing our next masterpiece. Just kidding. We don't do 'masterpieces.' We do whatever we can sell on Amazon for $2.99. That's more our wheelhouse. So, with that low bar in mind, we have been writing Book Two of the series. But despite our original goal to crank out quantity over quality, we have somehow produced--yet again--a really good book in spite of ourselves. Book Two is so much fun--so clever and with so many colorful characters and situations. I might even like it better than Book One. I can't decide.

It will be released in early January 2019 and you heard it here first--your favorites are back: Scotty, Kevin--even Morticia, along with some new allies (and criminals!). So, to get you in the mood for Book Two, we are doing a free give-away of Book One over on Twitter ( --one book per day from now until the release of Book Two. So, if you know somebody who hasn't read it yet--now is their big chance to get the book for FREE.

Now, back to writing.

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