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Casting Calls!

Which current actors would you cast to play the following recurring characters: Scotty, Kevin, Heintz, and Morticia? We would love to know what our characters "look" like to you!

We very often start with the concept of a character--usually the role they will play and a general personality description (e.g. "Charlie" should be a vulgar party-girl friend of Scotty's). From there, we sometimes look at pictures on the internet for inspiration or we simply piece-together a description based on our experiences with that personality type. Sometimes, we try to create a character that is "familiar." Other times, we try to create characters that are unexpected or that have unusual quirks. We try to make all of our characters relatable and complex.

What are some of the unique things you like about our characters? What are some things we can improve on in our creation of future characters? Let us know what you think!

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