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Fun Facts About Our Books

Hi All! Just thought I'd have some fun feeding you a spoonful of insider info about some of our characters, books, and our writing process. For more in-depth info, be sure to subscribe to our monthly newsletter where you can win giveaways, read "character" interviews, and more!

So, with out further ado . . . Did you know?

1. That the smart and savvy intern, Meg, was originally a male character named "Jared?"

2. That the multi-level-marketing queen and life-loyal Delta Sister, Charlie, was originally named "Sandy"--but we learned rather quickly we were going to have a hard time keeping "Scotty" and "Sandy" straight. Hence, "Charlie" was born!

3. The Syser Drug store is based upon a CVS located on 76th and Blue Mound Rd. in Milwaukee.

4. In reality, there is no Taco Bell near Miller Park. (But there should be!)

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