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Guest Post: Grace Geyer

Grace on Writing Short Reads

I describe myself as a new writer as I am still learning the craft. Writing short stories helps me to improve my writing and to promptly receive feedback from my readers. Like all new writers I am full of self-doubt but have a passion for sharing the stories in my head. I don't read anything longer than a novella myself, probably because I just want to get to the end to solve the mystery, so that is what I write. Do you like reading short reads or do you prefer longer books?

Here is a list of my published books on Amazon:

Miranda Moore Cozy Mystery Series - short ghostly mystery stories featuring Miranda a woman who moves to a beachside town to start again. Each book is a stand-alone mystery.

· The Blue Cottage

· The Dog in the Frame

· Dig Deeper

Frozen Fate - a Christmas cozy about solving the mystery of his long lost brother

Precious Pearls - a cozy romance mystery of friendship, greed and lost love.

I am currently working on a book series called Red Camper Cozy Mysteries with book one, "Kittens, Karma and Killers" being published at the end of April. Book one will be a murder mystery set in a campground.

If you like light cozy mysteries with ghosts, spirits or new age elements and where justice prevails then you will like my books.

--Grace Geyer

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2 commentaires

Cahgan Taylor Jefferson
Cahgan Taylor Jefferson
03 avr. 2019

I love cozy mysteries! Can't wait to read this book!!!


Drea Nicole
Drea Nicole
03 avr. 2019

Sounds good would love to read it!

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