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Guest Post: Jenna St. James

Hello Readers!

My name is Jenna St. James, and I write the Ryli Sinclair Mystery series and the Sullivan Sisters Mystery series. I’ve also written my first paranormal cozy, Time After Time, in the recently-released A Witch in Time series with four other amazing authors.

There are currently nine books in the Ryli Sinclair series, with the tenth on the way! My main character teams up with her great-Aunt Shirley to solve crimes. Aunt Shirley is in her 70s, and a retired PI. Y’all, she’s a hoot! In my Sullivan Sisters series, I have four books with more on the way. In this series, my main character owns a bookstore/bar with her Gramps and has the help of her sister, mom, Tillie (former trapeze artist and contortionist and Gramps’ new love), plus a handful of other ladies who help her out in various books—including the Graffiti Grannies! I love this series because it takes place in Sonoma County, where my real-life family lives…I’m the only one landlocked in the Midwest. Ha!

One more interesting thing…I just did a cover reveal for a NEW series I’m co-writing with my step-daughter. She has been proofreading my books for a couple years now, and she recently asked me if we could work together on a series. So we brainstormed and came up with an idea! She’s a sophomore in high school, so she’s pretty busy. In between all her other commitments, we plunked out a story that should be available in April! It’s quite an amazing revelation how this series came about, but that’s for another time.

Finally, I’m always asked what I want readers to take away from my books. My answer is always the same: That the older generation has a lot to teach the younger generation…and family and friends are important. Plus, there is always a positive element of the military in all my books. I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know my characters! Blessings!

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