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I Laughed Until I Cried

And then I had to race to the bathroom to pee because I can't hold it like I used to! What was so funny? This line in Book #4, "Badge of the Waxing Moon."

Kevin’s shoulders sunk. “I honestly feel like crying right now. That sounds like such a pain in the ass I don’t even want to do it.”

Out of context, that line sounds defeated--even depressed. But, in the context of the story, it made me do a spit-take when I read it--and I even knew it was coming! I can't wait to hear what lines or situations in Book #4 strike you the same way.

Sometimes Jim and I laugh until we are in tears as we are dreaming up situations or new characters. I hope we do those ideas justice in bringing them to life for you so that you can laugh as hard as we do.

I think Book #4 is going to be a fan favorite for sure! Check back in April for publication info!

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