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New Blog Format

Now you can subscribe to this blog and receive automatic updates without having to visit our website. You can also read this blog on our Author Page on Amazon. In other words, you can run . . . but you can't hide. Our posts will hunt you down. They will soon be everywhere. You will have no choice but to submit to their superficial introspection and mad-cap hilarity. Buckle up!

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Dive Bar No. 3 is Available NOW!

After an uncharacteristic publishing hiatus brought about by moving, Covid, etc., we have finally published our seventh book--and the third book in the Dive Bar Detective series. Jim came up with some

We're Famous!

As I type this blog, I am being interviewed by Julia Fello of Today's TMJ4 (Milwaukee's NBC affiliate) to be featured in her "Passion Project" segment. The "Passion Project" features Milwaukee citizen

Pre-Order This Week!

Ok. I moved. So, I have no more excuses. That means Book 3 of the Dive Bar Detective series will be available for pre-order this week! Jim just sent me a chapter-by-chapter overview of Book 3 and as


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