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Whodunnit Summit

Get ready for the first annual "Whodunnit Summit"--a social media event hosted by Archer Hay to help introduce our readers to other up and coming authors/books in our genres: crime/mystery/occult . . . and HUMOR! We hope it will be a fun way for us and our readers to connect with new authors we might not otherwise unearth under the mountain of books on Amazon or in the big-box book stores.

Why filter through the slush pile when we can siphon off the good stuff and bring it to you directly?

So, check back soon for our curated list of the new "Who's Who" of Whodunnit. Throughout the month of April, will feature bios, book links, social media links and more, along with giveaways, contests and other fun to help sweeten the deal.

To read more, click on the "more" tab on our site navigation menu and then click on "Whodunnit Summit." If you are an author who would like to be featured, drop us an email on our contact page, or--better yet--direct message us on social media.



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